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After relocating from Chicago to Portland Jeff Walls is back with his first Full length LP under the Campfires moniker. Channeling Kinksian pop melancholy (“Time For a Ride”) and Television Personalities wry punk disaffectedness, Walls flaunts his influences while pushing his brand of lo-fi weirdo-pop boldly further. “Tomorrow, Tomorrow” is a sunshiny masterpiece of primitive pop that will keep you humming along throughout it’s half hour fly-over tour of lovingly crafted, homespun pop gems.

Fire Talk is pround to present this limited to 150 12 inch w/ hand screened jackets by the Campfires crew.


Tomorrow, Tomorrow - Campfires

Tomorrow, Tomorrow track list:
01. If The Darkness Were to Bend 
02. Fortune Teller 
03. Simple Things 
04. Acre Looks 
05. Time for a Ride 
06. Rye Lovers Sword 
07. Jeux et Jouet 
08. The Lighted Avenues 
09. Glass Arrows 
10. Lamplighter 
11. Bayonet 
12. Tomorrow, Tomorrow 
13. Gone Country Dream (for Bill Doss)

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