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Campfires - If The Darkness Were to Bend (Official Video)


We’re psyched to announce a new four song EP from Brooklyn via Louisville, KY based dronesmith John Bohannon. Weaving textural blankets of guitar drone with subtile rolling melody, Ancient Ocean delivers meandering soundtracks for the most introspective of meditative states.

Available June 24th digitally and on a limited to 100 cassette.


Katrina Stonehart is the nome de plume of Drew M. Gibson, better known as 1/3 of Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk. In anticipation of a new solo output on Fire Talk we’re offering up a few copies of his gripping ethereal self titled cassette released and now re-issued by Chicago imprint Lillerne Tapes. This also marks the first addition to a new section of the site called the "Crate" where we will carefully curate and offer up for sale various gems of auditory bliss, keep your eyes peeled for an official launch in the coming weeks and grip this tape now. You won’t regret it !


Woodsman stopped by the Out Of Town Films loft in Philly a couple weeks back, here’s part 1 of the session… 


Woodsman “Teleseparation” / Out Of Town Films

Woodsman, a droney, instrumental three piece from Brooklyn stopped by our warehouse the other week before a gig at Kung Fu Necktie to play us some music. With instrumental songs, it’s easy to get carried away in the moods sonic envelope. Before you know it, ten minutes have passed and you’re wondering where the time went. 

The bands sonic sound filled our large, 2400 sq ft space quite well, performing two songs from their newest self-titled album, Woodsman. As one commenter on their website mentioned after browsing past their name several times in a search for new music.. “Finally gave them a listen… More like a nature hike that found a few shrooms.” We don’t feel like this guy is too far off.. Enjoy “Teleseparation,” the closing track from the album and stay tuned for another release soon. 


We’ve been doing a residency all month over at PORTALS. Dig into the early history of the band via this 4th and final piece and browse back through the last 3 weeks to scope some artists who’ve influenced us over the years… 

Residency: Woodsman – Week 4


Residency is a four-part weekly journal entry brought to you by one of our favorite artists every month.

This week, Woodsman delve into their past musical lives.

A brief look back…

Woodsman is a grower; everything we’ve attempted as a group stems from an unspoken ideology. The project started as two separate two-man bands that merged. Some have stayed, some have gone, but in the end, the vibe remains. Here’s how it breaks down.

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I remember being in a smoky loft and talking with two friends about dub music, about how we all loved the spatial quality of the dense effects and the beauty of seeing a mixer as an instrument, when one friend offered his overheard historiography. He claimed the classic dub echo came naturally from hearing the same reggae station played from hundreds of radios in Kingston. Spread over the course of a neighborhood, out of cars and homes and over the lawns, the radios’ mismatching broadcast delays gave the overall sound of the cityscape a choppy, spring-delayed quality, as if it were blossoming.

Whether this is completely true doesn’t interest me as much as the image of these separate sound systems all playing the same music with an imperfect harmony — a harmony based in chance, the sum of many subjective spaces and the lives that were happening around those pulses. Woodsman’s self-titled third LP is a sculptural record, and within each song’s duration it is easy to imagine 100 radios creating a shaking vision of a rock band with individual lives in each half-second shudder, jamming like kaleidoscopic wind chimes.

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Woodsman’s Self Titled 3rd LP is out now. Grab from any one of these spots or your favorite digital hub !


Head over the IMOSE MAGAZINE to read the story of FIre Talk, from 2008 to present and beyond. Thnx for the support !


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